House Activity


Ideal Public School is a community which is enrich with children coming from different backgrounds. Here, we follow the unique feature of our country i.e unity in diversity where all the students exchange their own culture & tradition with their mates, brothers & sisters.

The School has its four houses namely Shakti House symbolized by the red colour dress, Karma House symbolized by blue, Vivek House symbolized by green & Gyan symbolized by yellow.

The red colour symbolizes the power & self-determination in every child.
The blue colour symbolizes the passion for work in them.
The green colour reflects inner conscious mind of every child which is as a clean as a white paper with no markings on it & absolutely fresh.
The yellow colour is the symbol of knowledge which is to be imparted by the teachers who act as a guide in the journey of education to the students.

Students of each house are constantly encouraged to participate in the Inter-house championships which include debate, quiz, dance, football, cricket, basketball, floor skating etc.