Acknowledgement From Governor Of West Bengal

The honourable Governor Mr. Keshri Nath Tripathi aforementioned some points in his detailed speech in our school premises. We therefore specify those points as he affirmed that though in our country we do have dynamism for good education yet we are by a long way to constitute 100% educated population. Ideal Public School stands out extraordinally in this sphere. This school has although been rooted in off the beaten path but it is an exemplification of excellence. The children are the inhabitant of future India. This little ones are like the atoms and the proper cadence will help to generate them as strong nuclear weapons. The proper education must not be bookish. Education should include the knowledge of outside the text books. Our aim must not to manufacture some parrots who only can utter the exact lines which they have coached. Education should bring out the wise person from every pupil. The endeavor of the entire team of this school to make their students successful in every sphere of their life is undoubtedly praiseworthy. The honourable governor appealed to the school authority to keep up this notable good deed.