Our Vision

Ideal public school is committed to the cause serving the society and the nation by providing education to all. The philosophy is not only to impart teaching instruction but also to develop right attitude with which an individual can actualize his true potential and contribute meaningfully to the society.

Following flagship of the society, IDEAL PUBLIC SCHOOL ingrains in depth , respect and tolerance for a varied cultured society and its components. It offers life skills and achievements to the leaders of tomorrow.

In its incipient years, has seen ingenuous little ones grow into responsible citizens who have craved an alcove for themselves and the school in the society.

The red brick magnificent building of the school is nested in Kulgachia, overlooking a lush sprawling park. Strengthening the belief of the society, the school is committed of doing different things with a difference and delivering perfect performances year after year.

We would like to thank our managing committee members who believed in our vision to accomplished our quest for excellence and for their love and support.

Our Aims

  • Establish a very happy, secure, well ordered, stimulating environment for staffs and students.
  • Promote respect for others and their prosperity.
  • Encourage children to take pride on what they do.
  •  Offer an abroad and stimulating curriculum.
  • Learn to use language effectively and develop interest to learn books / literatures.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and operations.
  • Learn and investigate environment in a scientific way and take interest in caring for it.
  • Encourage to enjoy and communicate through aesthetic and physical activity such as craft, drama, music, classical and creative dancing and physical education.
  • Recognize the role of parents as partner in the learning process.
  • Encourage a positive relationship between home, school and community.
  • Let there be equal opportunities to access for all.

Our Principle

  • Challenge each student to achieve their potential.
  • Stimulate creativity and critical independent thought.
  • Foster self-discipline and responsibility, both personal and social.
  • Encourage individual accomplishment and reward individual achievement.
  • Develop in each student a sense of identity and feeling of belonging.

Our Motto

Let knowledge lead the wisdom, wisdom to emancipation. The school motto echoes what thinker of many land and many ages have said in different ways. Knowledge is not enough and knowledge may dazzle and make one blind. Knowledge must lead to wisdom which gives one capacity to see things in a proper perspective and enable one to grow out of oneself. It is through wisdom which gives one capacity to see things in a proper perspective and enable one to grow out of oneself. It is through wisdom that emancipation comes. Very few can attain, but it is this straining after a goal, knowing that it will probably always beyond one's reach, makes a man .

Success Story

We humbly publish that the new first batch of our students of Ideal Public School did outstandingly well in the ICSE Examination. All of the students who appeared in that examination were passed and enumerated a commendable percentage. The first and foremost credit goes to the students who keep always the light of knowledge illuminated in themselves. The tireless endeaverance of the teachers who acted as the guiding stars to the students is praiseworthy. The kudos also goes to the guardians who help as mentor to their children all day long. The success story is absolutely mingled by the endeavour of students-teachers-guardians. The honourable Governor of West Bengal Mr.Keshri Nath Tripathi applauds the school for this creditable success. His compliment and this success will show us the light of inspiration in future.