Principal's Desk


We have grown up with love compassion and forgiveness and have to provide a similar environment to the coming generation. Our constant endeavor is to inculcate in our children, value to make them morally and ethically sound.

Aggression is the generally the personification of the frustration and anger that children feel when their failing in curbed. If allowed to grow it can erupt in alarming ways and hamper their child’s social and physiological development. It is Important to understand what triggers the aggressive behavior in children, so we can prevent it even before it can happen.”Children do not want to do what we want them to do, they do the thing we do”. We parents and teachers who are their role model must ensure consistency in our behavior too, Consciously rewarding their good behavior ; praising and encouraging peace and tolerance.

It is imperative that we train the children to use words instead of action and control temper. Be it anger or aggression, it is just our conviction and determination that can do wonder to save our children from threat.

Dear Parents, it is only with your co-operation that we can handle the increasing aggression in our children. Together we’ll make the world beautiful for them

With Warm Wishes
-- Abhishek Singh.